Easter Activity Ideas

Good morning Foxes and a Happy Easter holiday to you all!

Here are a few ideas we have put together for you to have a go at during the first week of the holidays. You could choose one or two activities to complete a day, if you so wish.

Perhaps, you might like to make an Easter card, or design your very own Easter Egg Tree, write an Easter Poem or design your own Easter Board game.  Take a look and have fun!

Easter Activity Grid

I have added some links for you to access any templates you might need, or you can create your own..

Easter Activity Grid – Foxes

Easter Acrostic

Easter rhyming poem

Word Search Template

Easter Multiplication Yr 2

Easter Multiplication Yr3


From Miss Finch


Fantasy Story Link

I have been asked to resend the link to the Fantasy story I gave as a Literacy task on Thursday. I am sorry if some of you are having problems opening files. When I try it works fine – so I am not sure where the problem lies.

Here is the link again, but if you still have issues I will give you the website address where you can find the story yourselves.


The Literacy Shed  : once you have opened the site, scroll down to The Fantasy Shed, and you should then find the story called Bubbles.

Hope this works for you.

Miss Finch


Friday 3rd April

Congratulations Foxes, you have almost completed your second week of home learning!


I hope you are all well. We would love to hear from you all, please feel free to comment on the blog page so we can see what you have been doing, whilst learning from home.

So ideas for today,


Did any of you enjoy writing a fantasy story using the video ‘Bubbles’ as inspiration? I would love to see your stories, if you can upload them to the Purple Mash site. There are plenty more of those you can have a go at another time.

Today I would like you to use the Pobble365 site to have a go at responding to an image. You can have a go at writing a short story, respond to some questions or have a go at the sentence challenge!

Pobble 365

Mother of Dragons


Well hopefully you had a go at the multiplication and division work I gave you yesterday.

I will give you a link to the White Rose Maths Learning Scheme the teachers use to help inform our planning. There are home learning daily activities you can have a go at:

Yr 2 – Recognise a Third

Yr 2 find a third

Yr 3 – Fractions on a numberline

Fractions on a Number line


To complete our topic of Electricity, I would like you to do a bit of research for me, as I know it is hard for a lot of you to have practical sessions without the resources you need.

Questions to answer:

What is Electricity?


Who discovered electricity?

Where does electricity come from?

What is the difference between types of energy?

Here is a video link for you to use to help you.

How is electricity made

How is electricity made


I hope you have been having a go at Joe Wicks daily PE sessions, I have been doing these every morning and am feeling fitter already! Here are a few other sites with some physical activity ideas:

https://www.gonoodle.com/ Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

https://www.youthsporttrust.org/pe-home-learning   a set of PE activities that can easily be done at home.

CosmicKids   Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation ideas.


Well, have a lovely day and weekend. I’m off for my daily exercise now. Next week is the beginning of the Easter holidays, so we hope you have an opportunity to rest and find some other fun activities to do. We shall be posting just one blog a week, during the holidays with a couple of daily ideas and suggestions of activities.

Easter Holidays

Happy Holidays Foxes!

Miss Finch


Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Foxes. I hope you are all well and keeping busy. We know we have given your grown ups lots of ideas of learning to do at home, but also remember to have some fun and relax time with your families. Yesterday afternoon, I played some board games with my two boys, we enjoyed Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and a card game called Pairs.

Yesterday it was April Fools Day:

April Fools

It is traditionally a day of fun and jokes. Did you do anything to make someone laugh? Please write in the comments and let us know.




Gabby is walking on the beach and finds a bottle of bubbles – when she blows it she gets transported into fantasy.
She has fun riding on bubbles and meets people and things on her way.

I found this lovely video and thought you could use it as inspiration to write your own fantasy story using a found object.

Here is a checklist of what you need to include in your fantasy writing:

Fantasy Story checklist


Here is some work on multiplication and division. Remember to keep practising your times tables!                                                                                                                                             Year 2’s should know their 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and Year 3’s should also know their 3’s, 4’s and 8’s!



Remember you can use the Times Table Rockstars to help you practice.


On a Thursday we would normally have Art with Mrs G. She has been uploading some fantastic video with some art and craft idea. Why don’t you have a go at some of them:

One is how to sew on a button (useful!)
And the other is making a “Socktopus”.
Have a great day today Foxes, and please remember to comment and let us know what you have been doing!
Miss Finch


Good morning everyone. Well I just want to congratulate you all for getting through your first week of home learning. We can see that some of you are busy having a go at some of the tasks set on Purple Mash and MyMaths and we love hearing your comments on the blog. We will keep checking on these regularly.


So, on a Friday we would normally be having Science in class. Our topic is electricity and we have been exploring circuits and last week we investigated what materials would make a good conductor for electricity.

Here are a few tasks you could have a go at completing:

Electricity components

Electricity Components

Electricity circuit

Circuits Activity Sheet


In Art, we had been working on our Victorian ‘Punch and Judy’ theatres. If you were able to take these home you could have a go at creating puppets for your theatre and act out a story. If not here is another idea you could try out.

In the Victorian times ‘decoupage’ became very popular. French for ‘cutting’, this was the art of decorating surfaces with paper cutouts that are glued on in layers. Why don’t you find an old flower pot, or plate (check with your grown ups first!) and have a go yourselves. You can find some Victorian images to cut out on line, or just use images from a magazine you may have at home. Here are a few simple instructions:

Decoupage Art a

Decoupage art b

Decoupage art c

Have fun trying out some of these activities. Enjoy your weekends and Mr Dean will be sending another blog out on Monday. Take care Foxes!

Miss Finch



Good morning everybody – how lovely it is to wake up every morning to this glorious sunshine! It feels so strange not going to school everyday and seeing you all. I hope you are finding lots of fun and exciting things to do with your family.

After my morning exercise class with Joe Wicks (9am) I usually help my two boys with their home learning tasks. I have also been spending lots of time in my garden, doing some weeding, kicking a football around with my boys and watching the birds coming to the feeders we have filled. I have seen robins, bluetits, sparrows and blackbirds. The squirrels try to get the food too – and they are starting to break my feeders. Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop them? What nature can you observe in your gardens or on your daily walks? There are so many signs of spring too. Have you observed any? I have noticed lots of bees around the flowers in our garden.


I hope you are having a go at some of the activities we have posted on Purple Mash, Times Table Rockstars as well as MyMaths. I also want to say how important it is to make sure you also have some fun with your family.

Yesterday I made some banana bread with my son Elliot, we had lots of brown bananas and I find that’s the best way to use them up. I love Banana bread, and I often add raisins to my recipe. Have you done any cooking or baking yet?


Banana Bread Recipe

Jamie Oliver has some fantastic ideas and recipes to get children cooking. Why don’t you take a look at his website and have a go. (See link below)

Jamie Oliver

Yesterday I created a rainbow with my youngest son Julian to put up in our window for the local ‘rainbow trail’. Where I live, children have been creating rainbows so when you go for your daily walks you can see how many rainbows you can spot in the houses around you. Have any of you done this yet? You could use collage materials, paints, crayons, whatever you have at home.

rainbow trail

Well enjoy the day today, I’d love to hear about all the amazing and fun activities you have been doing. Take care, and I’ll post another message tomorrow.

To finish off, I’ll leave you with this reflection: feel free to share your thoughts.

Reflection 1




Seeing posts

Hi everyone,

I think perhaps some of you are not seeing the post at the top of the blog page each day (it could well be a technical issue my end!) If in doubt, click on the appropriate day on the calendar on the blog home page and it should take you to the learning for that day. Hope that helps. From Mr Dean 🙂